#PlayMotoGP : ? Qatar is right around the corner! ? 2019 MotoGP Championship Quest ? Round 2/26

#PlayMotoGP : ? Qatar is right around the corner! ? 2019 MotoGP Championship Quest ? Round 2/26

After a shakedown test for factories The first official installment of 2019 was a success. . . now only one month left until the first race!

All this action during the three day test in Malaysia has certainly set the pace for the year!

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Push your hardest on every real MotoGP Circuit – Put in the hard yards and your best high scores for the chance of a lifetime to meet your favorite Rider, go to the race of your choice and win gear from MotoGP.com, Brembo Brakes, Tissot Watches & Tons more! Race and win the Fan World Championship and you will be glorified not only on this show, but on MotoGP.com and many other racing outlets – in other words, you will be FAMOUS!

A portion of all proceeds will go to the Road2Recovery.com to help riders and athletes who have suffered career ending injuries.

Use hashtags like #playmotogp & #Road2Recovery so we can find you and see who is pushing for their favorite rider
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As well as supporting our favorite motogp riders, we will also be supporting other extreme sports athletes who suffer career ending injuries through our partnership with Road2Recovery,

MotoGP wasted no time in kicking off the 2017 Fan World Championship season which commenced on the 1st of January 2017 and will wrap up at the end of the calendar year. The extended season gives fans of MotoGP an outlet to enjoy the sport in the few months pre and post season.

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“@playmotogp” “#MotoGPChampionshipQuest”