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MotoGP™ Fan World Championship™ See’s Salvadoran Fan Clinch Round 14 Of The Championship For Aleix Espargaró

Official Mobile Game Makes MotoGP Fans A Huge Part of the Action.

MotoGP Championship Quest

MotoGP Championship Quest features Actual tracks and realistic graphics making it one of the most realistic games in the App Store.

MotoGP™ To Launch Fan World Championship In 2016

The Pain In Spain Was 33 Places To Gain

If you have been living under a rock or perhaps lost at sea for the past few days, there is a slim chance that you may have missed a couple of remarkable achievements which came out of the first European round of MotoGP in Jerez on the weekend.

Old Dogs With New Tricks Give A Familiar Result At MotoGP Of Qatar.

The 2016 MotoGP World Championship was billed to be the great leveler with the introduction of a new standard electronics package and a change of tire supplier from Bridgestone to Michelin. So as I boarded the plane at LAX bound for Qatar I expected the unexpected and looked forward to my first race at the Losail International Circuit.

Motorcyle racer app MotoGP wins by treating games as a media business

After two years and a $2 million dollar investment serial entrepreneur Graeme Warring's MotoGP game has just gone live on the app store. It's the latest venture for the man who co-founded the Oz Experience and Kiwi Experience buses, which was the blueprint for the hop-on-hop-off form of travelling that has become ubiquitous around the world.

What is The Fan World Championship?

  • The 2016 Fan World Championship or FWC Monday 7th of March 2016 and will conclude on Sunday the 1st of January 2017 and 43 weekly rounds comprise the season.

  • Hitting the Apex Official Trailer - Narrated by Brad Pitt

    Fan World Championship Launches With MotoGP

    Doha, Qatar: MotoGP™ Championship Quest, the official MotoGP™ mobile racing game has hit the iTunes App Store as the first ever free to play game that will pair the thrilling experience of MotoGP racing with the hundreds of millions of fans of the sport around the globe who use mobile phones and tablets.

    Viva La MotoGP At Le Mans

    "A double edged sword". Nothing sums up the French better than this notion. On one side of the blade you have the fine, the delicate and exquisite the French are renowned for, whether it be the great Masters, the Michelin chefs or the tallieurs, with their magnificent attention to detail.


    MotoGP will launch a Fan World Championship series in 2016 in conjunction with the release of MotoGP Championship Quest, the official MotoGP™ mobile racing game which was released exclusively on the iTunes App Store on March 10th before a global roll out on both the Google Play and Amazon App Stores in April 2016.

    MotoGP Fan World Championship Turns Up Some Unlikely Winners

    At the opening race of the 2016 season in Qatar, Dorna Sports quietly announced the creation of the first eSports series in the elite level, motorcycle racing series.

    Esprit De GP as Le Mans Erupts in a Celebration of Speed

    As the French Grand Prix was run and won, the winner was not as obvious as the MotoGP pilot who crossed the line first.The real winners were the 100,000 strong witnesses to the race and those who participated in a ritualistic celebration of speed.

    Official MotoGP Mobile Game Will Decide MotoGP Fan World Championship

    The Calm Before The MotoGP Storm.

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